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Process-finance analyse

Complete analyse of processes, organization chart and company’s results (KPI). According this analyse we can fullly uncover weaknesses and prepare right solution.

Audit is suitable as well for certified companies, it respects ISO and IATF standards. We prepare solution for weaknesses reduction. We recommend innovation including saving areas. We Compare our analyse results with plant’s SWOT. Analyse is very fast, you have clear overview of current status and you get a plan for future improvements with top priorities within 3 days.

Measurable results – KPI

Setting up important measurable values and clear rules is basic principle for prospering company.

Measuring gives us a tool to control cost and investment efficiency. By measuring key values (KPIs), we gain control over individual processes, thereby effectively addressing the company's weaknesses.

And what are the most important values?

Deliveries in the required quantity, sufficient quality, delivered on time. To do this, we set up KPIs such as: Productivity, Efficiency, Quality, Timeliness of Supplies, Stock Level, Economic Results, ... It is also important to compare the results of current values to the budget.

Balanced score cards strategy

If company KPIs are set, we can continue to work with the set values. Balanced score cards strategy is based on split the of each KPI goals to individuals. This ensures that every employee knows what to do to meet business goals. To fulfill this effect, we will reflect the goals of each employee into wages.


Savings are the efficient management of our budget. We eliminate unnecessary costs, time and energy and put them into developing of values.

Which costs are unnecessary? Those for which the customer does not pay. After setting the savings methodology correctly, companies can save millions of CZK per year.


We offer costing schemes for production and offer prices, including rate calculation. We help with planning forecasts, budgets and investments.

Process mapping

Target of Process Mapping Methodology is to shorten the delivery times of products or services. By mapping individual processes we get overview of bottlenecks during processing and set up optimizations. Result can be for example increasing flexibility, reducing internal transports, reducing production batches... There is big oportunity for savings in process mapping.

Pilot projects

We are launching pilot projects in the case of large projects where workshop is not enough. An example could be the introduction of a new line or balancing workplaces, kanban control, introduction of MUDA walks

Effective communication

We use process mapping to analyze information flow.

We identify weaknesses in communication channels and suggest improvements.

The result can be new ERP, MES systems, support applications, KPI-based meetings (shopfloor management), problem escalation.

Offer training and workshops


Suitable for all employees - management, technicians, operators

We will teach you to distinguish added value and waste by customer eyes. We will explain you the types of waste in production, service and administration. We will show how to lead and evaluate MUDA walks, introduce a system of improvement proposals, solve problems.

Benefits – employees engage in elimination of shortcomings. They are involved in improving standards, tools, processes, ... All employees are embroiled into process and can positively influence their work and work enviroment.

5S - 5 rules for organized workplace

Suitable for all employees - management, technicians, operators

At the training you will learn how to have just what you need and where you need it in workplace. We will show you how to create and use simple manuals and instructions for all performed activities, instructions for easy maintenance and care of machines and tools, visualization. And how to properly set up the responsibilities and basics of workplace auditing. 5S rules are used in all departments, manufacturing and administration.

Benefits - work activities are standardized and effective. Basic care for machines and work equipment is also provided. Everything is well arranged, functional and clean. By correctly implementing 5S, we will improve safety, productivity and efficiency. We reduce machine and equipment breakdowns, we have the basis for further improvement.

SMED - Methodology for reduction of machine changeover time

Suitable for production managers, shiftleaders, setters, technicians, selected operators

Task for SMED is to prepare machine to another production under 10 minutes. In particular, we increase production flexibility with this methodology. The larger the product portfolio, the better it is to learn how to use the SMED methodology.

After completing the training, you will be able to reduce changeover times, split preparation activities, when mashine can run and operations where production must be stopped.

We will also inform you about technical innovations in machine tool changes.

Benefits - increased supply flexibility, reduced stock of finished products, wastage from processes. Usual reduction of changeover time is 30-50% after first workshop.

TPM - Total Productive Maintenance

Suitable for production managers, production and maintenance shiftleaders, setters, maintenance technicians, processs engineers, selected operators

Target is to reduce breakdowns and focus on prevention and prediction to make the most efficient use of machinery. We will explain the concepts of OEE, major losses in machine utilization, downtime measurement and preventive and predictive maintenance. We will explain to participants the benefits of cooperation between production, maintenance and technology. We will review examples of TPM deployment from manufacturing sites.

Benefits - increased machine utility, continuous production without unplanned downtimes.

Problem solving

Suitable for management, technicians of all departments including shiftleaders, quality managers, line leaders

The aim is to learn how to effectively solve root cause problems and escalation to solve all plant problems. Participants will be able to define the problem and find the root cause, propose solutions and manage the implementation of corrective and preventive actions. They will learn about quality tools.

Benefits - systematic troubleshooting will eliminate complaints and reduce internal defects. Participants will learn to solve problems and escalate if necessary.

Creation and balancing of workplaces

Principles of creation and optimization of workplaces to create a pull flow of material Suitable for process engineers, new projects leaders, production managers, quality managers

You will learn the principles of creating a safe, efficient workplace. We will go through the principles of creating layout and balancing workplaces and the possibilities of automation. We explain the terms Tact time, Lead Time, standardization methodology, methodology Mock-up.

Benefits - efficient workplace witthout bottlenecks take a chance material pull flow and operators will not be overloaded. Pull production flow reduces WIP, needed space and reduces inventory. It also increases production flexibility.

VSM - mapping of process and information flow

Designed for logistics, all managers, process engineers, production managers, new projects leaders

Designed for logistics, all managers, process engineers, production managers, new projects leaders Process mapping is starting point for improvement activities on product family and help with determination savings areas. VSM is always created in team with help of moderator. Participants will learn to map process and information flow, draw a current state map, identify bottlenecks, use correct datas, and calculate leadtimes. Participants will try to propose a future state with improvements in practical demonstration.

Benefits - efficient workplace witthout bottlenecks take a chance material pull flow and operators will not be overloaded. Pull production flow reduces WIP, needed space and reduces inventory. It also increases production flexibility.

Kanban - self-planning

Designed for planners, production managers, buyers, logistics

Kanban can manage whole production including assembly, packaging, ordering of overhead material, office supplies, ... Kanban system is based on signal - "produce" if you have an order. Full fill it if you take it". The main goal of kanban management is to improve process flow. It is one of Pull flow tools. You will learn to use different types of Kanban, to calculate the optimal batch size. We explain where it is convenient to use Kanban system and how to determine kanban circles. We will show you examples of how Kanban works in practice.

Benefits - reducing inventory, reducing production / transport batches, increasing production efficiency.

Finance training for non-financial employees

Suitable for management

Explanation of basic financial terms and controlling tools

Finance for Financial Employees

Suitable for Finance and Controlling

We focus on controlling skills for financial staff. Training can be set up to logical units, or use one of prepared packages.

Management workshops

Workshop will be set up to customer needs

Package Shiftleader as a Leader

Package of skills needed for shiftleaders / shift production managers, maintenance and logistics, leaders and line managers

Participants will be able to use tools to improve OEE, autonomous quality, SMED and problem solving. They will understand the basics of autonomous maintenance, the importance of visualization and will learn to motivate operators and basics of leadership.

Effective Production Package

Training is focused on the importance of cooperation leading to high production productivity. It is suitable for production managers, shiftleaders, quality endineers and controllers, maintenance and logistics managers, shiftleaders.

We will introduce customer management approach to participants, principles of effective employee training, creation and optimization of high-performance workplaces, determination of boundaries and competencies, effective planning, measurement of production performance (safety, quality, delivery in time and cost).

Lean management package

For executive Management

Managers are introduced to the principles of Lean management, bottleneck management, Problem solving and VSM. We will show examples of motivation and proper leadership. We explain the way how to set the company results (KPI), the Balanced score strategy and the introduction of savings

Strategy Creation Package

Suitable for whole management.

The participants will learn what needs to be taken into account when designing the strategy. They will learn how to use SWOT analysis, set and track KPI results with forecats and budgets, understand the Balanced score card strategy, rules for drawing up emergency plans and the importance of risk analysis.

Effective Communication Package

Management training

You will learn how to effectively set up KPI based communication. You will be able to analyze information flows and identify bottlenecks, shopfloor management, cascade meetings, escalate problems. You will learn about system communication solutions.

IT Package - Process Support and Effective Communication

Above all, we dedicate IT workers to business processes and show how to effectively support processes in the company by correctly collecting and storing data, setting up the organizational chart in the operating system, setting up and linking channels, setting up a change service in the system, and visualizing the results. IT workers can influence everything in the company and make it easier for other departments.

Benefit is to get effective support for processes in your company using systems and applications.

Lean HR package

At time when there is lack of workers it is very important to manage human resources well in the company. We offer human resources training to learn how to positively support the company culture with the rules of " Be able, Can, Want". We will show how to manage human resources by eliminating wastage in administration and focusing on results (quality, delivery, costs), how to support employees by organizing workshops and benchmarks. Possibilities of flexible work - organization of offices, fixed versus floating working hours, sharing.

Lean Logistics Package

The package will offer all logistics, buyers, expeditors, planners a comprehensive view of flow management. We will acquaint them with the TFM model, internal logistics flow, scheduling options including kanban, the possibility of external logistics management, receipt and supply, shipping and delivery at the required time.

We show examples of logistical savings.

Lean Technology Package

Basic skills for all process engineers. We explain the basic concepts of lean production: OEE, Tact time, Lead time, mock up, TPM, SMED, Poka Yoke. We will show the creation of effective workplaces, rules of layouts and work standardization techniques. We will explain the importance of visualization in the workplace and talk about the possibilities of recycling / reusing used materials.

Lean Projects Package

What a good project engineer, manager and project coordinator should know. Participants will get an overview of APQP methodology, development plan, costs and investments, calculation schemes, plant and machinery planning, flow synchronization. We will go through the possibilities of manufacturing innovation and quality support - Poka Yoke.

Lean Administration Package

You will learn how to improve the often neglected administration in manufacturing businesses and services. You will learn to recognize waste in administration. You will be able to effectively organize your workplaces / offices. We will show you how to map administrative processes and services and give tips for savings in administration.


Muda walks guidance

Savings register

Audits of workplaces, processes and systems (IATF 16949)

Workflows, guidelines

One point lesson manuals



Drawing up a plan, budget

Deviation analysis

Profitability control

Investment analysis

Closure and audits


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